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Geoff & Anne Mobbs founded Mobbs Electrical in the early 2000s with the No.1 goal; ‘to help people’. Geoff quickly became known as ‘Mobbsy’ around town, the one guy everyone could count on to help out and get the job done.

With his son Tim and daughter Jessie joining the company (once they completed school and tertiary education) the company started getting paid in more than just 'homegrown lemons and passion-fruits'. Tim and Jessie saw the unique needs of many electricians and they too wanted to help - but with a twist. They wanted to reach as many as they could. This desire to help was the catalyst for Tim and Jessie to found their own company 'M-Elec'; Australia's leading supplier of LED lights. 

Paul was brought on board to manage the Mobbs Electrical family company while Tim and Jessie continued to build their own LED company and it was only natural with the addition of 4 beautiful grandchildren for Geoff and Anne to care for, that Mobbs Electrical was handed over to Paul in 2017.

Nothing much has changed in the operations and delivery of Mobbs.


Tim & Paul are best friends and do many adventure races together. Jessie's husband Peter runs the Mobbs office. Both the Clues family and the Mobbs family spend most weekends, enjoying life together.


Sure, the trucks are newer and the team has expanded 

But one thing remains. 

And will always remain.

The constant value.

The ‘Mobbsy Way’.

Which can best be described

by Lou Hotz famous quote;

‘Do the right thing,
do the best you can,
and always show people
that you care





We exist for you. 

Our process is simple; as your electrical, air conditioning, appliances and refrigeration specialists we will seek to understand the need, and then deliver a solution specific to your unique needs with the highest degree of professionalism and craftsmanship.

Our satisfaction is doing all we can to ensure your experience is 'enlightening', 'empowering', hassle-free and enjoyable. 


Priced competitively and promising a punctual, personal and service-orientated approach.


Experience the difference of the Mobbs Services team.



13 Ridgewood Road 

Little Mountain QLD 4551



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It’s the ‘Mobbsy Way’

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