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This is not your typical electrical company.

Our passionately engaged A-Team collaborate vigorously, in a fast-paced, customer-centric culture. We consider our electrical work our 'art' and strive for excellence in all we do. Weekly team meetings are essential for the continual emphasis being placed on team culture, customer service and best work-place practices. 

Paul Clues.jpg

owner + appliance specialist + emergency jobs

Paul Clues

Paul is the ‘on-the-tools’ owner of Mobbs. 

He currently leads the diagnosis and repairs on the more complicated appliances and assists the team on overflow electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration departments. Paul's key strengths are his high level of detail, efficiencies in speed and delivery and leading the team from the front line.


estimator +  project manager

peter groom

As a fully qualified electrician, Peter is our in-house electrical expert. He can answer any of the client's questions straight away, troubleshooting and offering immediate advice. Peter also prepares all the quote estimates and part orders, ensuring the client's solutions are met as efficiently as possible in both their cost and desired timing.


operations manager

stephanie fumagalli

Stephanie is the first person you will hear when you call Mobbs Services. Born in England, with a corporate background of logistics and operations, Stephanie has the incredible ability to organize all the tradesman, ensuring all the jobs are completed as promised. 


project electrician + appliances + AC installs

stewart eastley

Stewart is an all-rounder, who is focussing currently within our project division. He is a superstar at fault finding and speedy with all repairs and maintenance. He is loved by all the real estate tenants, office staff and resort managers. Stewart also can install air conditioners and repair most appliances.

maintenance electrician + appliances + aged care

ryan bradley

Ryan is a real estate and holiday apartment electrical maintenance specialist. With his careful eye for detail and quick ability to fault find and rectify. Although only new to the team, Ryan's customer feedback has been the envy of all the team! Ryan also used to run an electrical and appliance office, so he is across all quotes and electrical rules. 


air conditioning and refrigeration specialist


Callan is a versatile and highly skilled tradesman, with exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. Callan has worked on many of the restaurants, holiday resorts and unit complexes on the Sunshine Coast. Callan also assists Paul in the appliance department as he has a restricted electrical licence.


2nd year apprentice

fletcher lyneham

Fletcher is a 2nd year apprentice with exceptional memory retention, street smarts and common sense. Fletch, who is skinny as a rake, has only one 'fault', and that being his compulsive need for KFC. It's a pleasure to have Fletcher on the team! 


year 11 school-based electrical apprentice

kyle watson

Kyle is currently completing his secondary studies while also beginning his chosen career path of becoming an electrician. He is a smart young man with impeccable manners and a strong desire to learn from the team.


financial control

lynda hunter

Lynda boasts a robust and diverse skill set. Lynda has managed the operations and financials of promotional and manufacturing companies through to various shopfronts selling direct to customers. She does an excellent job of making sure all the Mobbs suppliers are paid on time, every time.


leading director

angie clues

Angie is the hyper organised, business manager behind Mobbs Services. Nothing excites her more than waking up each day and doing her best to create a fun, easy, productive environment for the Mobbs team to succeed and their clients to enjoy the experience. and if one job isn't enough, Angie manages a residential design company (Reitsma and Associates) with her brother, Trevor.


office boss dog + controller of all rocks


Sketch is a 7 year old border collie, who enjoys being wherever the action is happening. She can often be found, at Lynda, Angie, or Steph's feet, depending on who will give her the most pats or food. 

She will happily spend all day with Steph, and something tells us Steph would like nothing more than that too!