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This is not your typical company.

Our passionately engaged A-Team collaborate vigorously, in a fast-paced, customer-centric culture. We consider our Electrical, Appliances, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration work our 'art' and strive for excellence in all we do. Weekly team meetings are essential for the continual emphasis being placed on team culture, customer service and best work-place practices. 

Paul Clues.jpg
Paul Clues

owner + all-rounder + emergency jobs

Paul, the hands-on owner of Mobbs, dedicates himself to the daily operations.

You can find him actively involved in all departments, sharing his knowledge, offering assistance, and guiding the team towards best practices. Paul's constant availability and willingness to be on-call make him readily accessible to both clients and team members, and he is often the first technician on-site during emergencies. His remarkable attention to detail, efficiency in speed and delivery, and ability to lead from the front line are his key strengths, ensuring the team's success.


estimator +  project manager

Ryan, our fully qualified electrician, serves as our in-house electrical expert. Clients can count on him to provide instant answers, swiftly troubleshoot issues, and offer immediate advice. Additionally, Ryan takes charge of preparing all quote estimates and part orders, ensuring that client solutions are met with optimal efficiency in terms of cost and desired timing. His crazy ability to know the Wiring Rules (almost) off by heart is extraordinary, but comes in incredibly handing at times!


operations leader

Rachelle, the exceptional scheduler and operations manager for Mobbs Electrical and Appliances departments, takes great pride in assisting both clients and the team in any way possible. Her remarkable organizational skills allow her to coordinate all the tradesmen effectively, ensuring that every job is completed as committed. Remarkably, she covers the entire Sunshine Coast, from Beerwah to Noosa, and out to Maleny, providing top-notch service along the way. In her spare time, Rachelle is a super star on the motocross circuit, completing the Finke Desert Race in 2023! We are so proud of her accomplishments.


AC & refrigeration leader + estimator

Peter has been part of the Mobbs company since the Geoff & Anne days, serving as a fully qualified electrician alongside Paul. It seemed only natural that when Paul assumed leadership from Geoff, Peter would eventually return to Mobbs 2.0, albeit in a slightly different capacity. Initially, he rejoined as the Electrical Estimator and Projects Manager, but once he had trained Ryan, he transitioned to establishing the Air Con and Refrigeration department.

Presently, Peter plays a crucial role in scheduling, managing, and preparing all the quote estimates and part orders for AC & Refrigeration. His expertise ensures that client solutions are efficiently met, both in terms of cost and desired timing.

christine kane

projects specialist electrician

Christine, our incredibly skilled project electrician, possesses a hyper-organized nature and an eye for meticulous detail. With her expertise, she effortlessly orchestrates the placement of the right people in the right positions for any project. Additionally, Christine has made invaluable contributions to the growth of the Mobbs company by introducing two key individuals, for which we will always remain grateful.


air conditioning and refrigeration specialist

Callan is a talented and adaptable tradesman, renowned for his top-notch customer service and impeccable workmanship. His expertise has graced numerous restaurants, holiday resorts, and unit complexes on the Sunshine Coast. Additionally, he is always so willing to give his valuable assistance to Paul wherever and whenever needed. 

joe o'donnell

air conditioning and refrigeration specialist

Meet Joe, our charmed Irishman, a highly skilled and quick-witted tradesman who has dedicated years to perfecting his craft in Brisbane. His expertise in refrigeration systems and air conditioning repairs and installations is unparalleled. With a perpetual smile and a penchant for fun, he proves to be an outstanding team member and trainer, greatly contributing to the team's success.


maintenance + commercial + aged care electrician

Mark is a highly skilled specialist in resort and commercial electrical maintenance. His exceptional attention to detail and knack for identifying and resolving faults make him an invaluable asset to the team. Drawing on his extensive background in commercial electrical work and project management, Mark seamlessly complements the team's expertise, ensuring that projects are executed effortlessly within the set timeframe and budget constraints. 

LUKE WILkinson

appliance specialist

Luke possesses exceptional skills as an appliance technician, adept at deciphering any buzz, beep, knock, or unusual sound to pinpoint the issue with a machine. To Dean and the entire team, he is like the revered 'Mr. Miyagi' of appliance questions, always ready to lend his expertise. Luke willingly takes the lead in team knowledge sessions and exhibits a meticulous approach to repairing all electrical appliances.

fletcher lyneham

resort and real-estate specialist electrician

Having completed the final years of his apprenticeship at Mobbs, Fletcher aced his Capstone assessment. Wise beyond his years and a true perfectionist in his work, he methodically tackles every project, swiftly and accurately resolving client issues. Moreover, he displays a keen interest in mentoring young apprentices, and we anticipate that they will grasp the skills as swiftly as he did!


real estate maintenance + aged care electrician

Mikayla joined Mobbs towards the very end of her apprenticeship, as a team we prepped her extensively for her capstone test and she passed with great results. Fast forward to the present, Mikayla has rapidly established herself as a highly sought-after electrician in the aged care maintenance sector. The numerous positive customer reviews and frequent requests for her services are a testament to her friendly and helpful nature.


real estate maintenance + aged care electrician

Ben, a recent addition to the Mobbs team, exudes a sense of belonging as if he has been part of it forever. His natural humor, compassion, and dedication make him an invaluable team player, a fact reinforced by numerous positive client reviews in a remarkably short period. Additionally, he possesses a innate talent for teaching and readily extends a helping hand to anyone in need.

ryan taylor

air conditioning and refrigeration specialist

Recently, Ryan made a move from North Queensland to the Sunshine Coast. His calm and caring demeanor facilitated a smooth transition into the air specialist team. Already, he has garnered numerous positive client reviews, and the team thoroughly enjoys collaborating with Ryan as he continuously perfects his craft.


appliance apprentice

Dean possesses an innate sense of inquisitiveness and an exceptional eye for detail. He hones his diagnostic skills under the careful mentorship of Luke, who guides him with precision. Additionally, Dean takes charge of ordering and organizing all the parts for the appliance department, significantly contributing to his professional growth in this specialized area within the Mobbs Team. Outside of work, Dean is an avid sports enthusiast, and whenever his beloved Cowboys secure a victory, you can spot him proudly sporting his jacket and beanie.

ashton clues

1st year apprentice

Ashton, the youngest member of our team, compensates for his youth with an immense passion for everything mechanical. He's a constant chatterbox, enthusiastically discussing mechanics, latest gadgets, and any related topic. Ashton eagerly looks forward to attending TAFE to kickstart his journey towards achieving his life goals.

blake herbert 

School Based Apprentice

Blake, our school-based apprentice, is known as the "iron giant" in the boxing ring. He's currently completing his final year of Year 12, and upon graduation, he will transition into a full-time apprenticeship. Despite his imposing boxing persona, Blake is surprisingly quiet and reserved, displaying a conservative demeanor. Interestingly, his favorite food is rockmelon, perhaps a nostalgic taste from his hometown of Dubbo? Who knows? With his dedication and passion, we're excited to see Blake's journey unfold as he carves a successful path in his career

Jamie Williams

2nd Year Electrical Apprentice

Jamie, our mature-aged apprentice, brings a wealth of external knowledge and extensive experience in the electrical and construction industries. Despite already being well-versed in these fields, he sought an opportunity to formalize his practical learning and pursue the path to obtain his electrical license. Jamie's presence in the group is delightful, as he is known for his humor and ability to bring laughter to everyone around him.

riley adamson

2nd Year Electrical Apprentice

Riley persistently pursued Mobbs for months, submitting numerous resumes and stopping by after work to inquire about the status of his application. When Paul and Angie finally brought him in for an interview, they were astounded by the young man's passion and determination. Despite not originally seeking an additional apprentice, they swiftly realized they couldn't do without him! They are delighted to welcome him to the team.

bianca mobbs

office admin + scheduling assistant + client relations

When you reach out to the Mobbs Team, Bianca is typically the first person you'll speak with. Despite her youth, she possesses an old soul and takes on responsibilities beyond her years. Bianca efficiently manages all the team's individual compliances and goes the extra mile by sending out thank-yous and special notes to clients and suppliers. Additionally, she ensures that Rachelle's meticulously planned day goes smoothly without a hitch!

lynda hunter

financial control

Lynda possesses a strong and versatile skill set, having managed operations and financials for a range of businesses, from promotional and manufacturing companies to direct-to-customer shopfronts. Her excellent attention to detail ensures that all Mobbs suppliers are consistently paid on time, every time.

angie clues

leading director

Angie is the hyper organised, business manager behind Mobbs Services. Nothing excites her more than waking up each day and doing her best to create a fun, easy, productive environment for the Mobbs team to succeed and their clients to enjoy the experience. and if one job isn't enough, Angie manages a residential design company (Reitsma and Associates) with her brother, Trevor.


office boss dog + controller of all rocks

Meet Sketch, an 'robust' (code for overweight)12-year-old border collie who thrives on being in the heart of the action. You'll frequently spot her at Angie's side, eagerly awaiting affectionate pats or chasing after a thrown ball. However, during the challenging doggy times of COVID, Sketch began to feel lonely. To remedy this, we decided to introduce her to a new little playmate. See below to meet Sketch's adorable new friend!


the COVID dog we all had to have

Shelby exhibits the traits of a true bower bird dog, constantly gathering various items to bring back to her kennel or enticing anyone nearby to play fetch with her. Nevertheless, her top priority remains annoying Sketch, an ongoing and playful pursuit!

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